Laura Schrier, Peace and Justice Studies and Arabic, Class of 2015

“I majored in Peace and Justice Studies as an undergrad and found my passion for the field while studying Tufts. Working in conflict zones and refugee contexts for the past several years, the need for Peace and Justice education has been reaffirmed for me on a daily basis. I struggle to comprehend how we live in a world where a child can witness wars in two different countries and become a refugee twice before the age of five… I have come to lament the attitudes in academia and society at large towards the field of Peace and Justice Studies that undermine its critical importance in the world. My experiences with refugees, coupled with the apathy I have encountered in academia towards the field I feel passionately about, have strengthened my determination to devote my career to implementing and advocating for peace and justice education. I am now applying for a master’s degree to continue studying Peace and Justice Studies in order to devote my career to advocating for Peace Education and establishing these programs in schools around the US.

I also think that Peace and Justice Studies should be integrated into other disciplines. With many privileged graduates studying subjects like Econ, for example, and going on to work at top banks, it is important that they enter this field with a strong understanding of economic inequality, the roots of poverty, and its intersections with race, gender, sexuality, and so forth. Peace and Justice Studies can and should play a role on every college campus, inside and outside of the classroom.



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