Noah Zussman, Peace and Justice Studies and Political Science, Class of 2020

“With PJS, I feel like I am getting a more well-rounded education in regard to what I’m studying which will allow me to tackle a career in the foreign service or any sort of government/NGO/non-profit capacity with the tools and skills I need to make a substantial impact on people’s lives. Being able to identify and explain structural factors of discrimination, violence, instability, and injustice is more important now than ever before in history given current trends, developments, and political systems around the world. If people in this field truly wish to make the world a better place, all Policsci and IR majors should incorporate a PJS major into their education…Peace and Justice Studies is a very important complement to any politically themed/focus major at Tufts, such as International Relations or Political Science. From my experiences with both the IR and Polisci departments, these programs are incredible but fail to provide a holistic view of the complex issues they study. PJS helps fill in that gap by examining not just how these systems and issues form and exist, but what the actual implications of these mean in terms of stability, human rights, the pursuit of justice, violence, diversity, and other such factors. I really appreciate the way that many of the themes and issues PJS explores complement the issues that IR and Polisci explore, but from approach them a very different perspective than what is what is the norm in those realms.

I believe our administration can do a much better job supporting PJS majors and investing in the major to allow for an expansion of the program with new classes, more professors, and more extracurricular opportunities.”


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