Paul Joseph, Sociology Professor, PJS Faculty, Former Director of PJS

“I don’t think Peace and Justice education is different from any other topic that you might be introduced to in high school. There is an opportunity in higher education to study it more deeply. To learn more about it, to get more depth. I also think that there is a strange kind of culture about peace education, in a funny way peace is, I call it a ‘dirty word.’ If you get security studies or International Relations studies or War studies, people understand what you are talking about. Many people asking, “what are you studying in college” and you respond peace studies you get a quizzical look or what is that. If you look at libraries and notice how much shelf space is devoted to war versus how much is devoted to peace, it is really skewed. An additional role for higher education is the idea of legitimating the study of peace and hopefully that has an impact on practitioners and policy makers to think more proactively about peace. So Peace and Justice Studies should be studied in Higher education so it can be understood, studied, practiced in more depth than you would in lower levels of education. And because it legitimates an important topic that needs to be examined and looked at.”


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