Sophia Balsamo, Peace and Justice Studies, Class of 2020

“I think that there is an inherent optimism to Peace and Justice Education, and a real desire to do good in the world. Not to say that people who study other majors don’t, but I think when you say you are going to be studying peace and justice, that is a commitment to a very high ideal. I think it can be construed as being too idealistic, but I don’t think there is anything wrong with that. I think if we have that high of a goal, we are going to keep working at that until we achieve it…Peace and Justice Studies is a part of the reason I came to Tufts. I had not seen a program like it at any of the other schools that I was looking at, so, it was definitely a focal point for me. It was unique; I enjoyed the optimism that I thought came with it. I had the intention of whatever I was going to do after college was going to help people. To have a major that seemed so dedicated to that very idea meant a lot to me. I absolutely think it should be studied at Tufts.”


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