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What is a Peace and Justice Education? Why is a Peace and Justice Education worth investing in? How can I share the significance of what I learn in my Peace and Justice Studies courses at Tufts University with members of my community who may not be aware of the value that a Peace and Justice Education has to offer? These were some of my initial overarching questions when starting my final project for my Education for Peace and Justice course (ED164).

As a Peace and Justice Studies (PJS) major, I am concerned that Tufts University may no longer commit to offering a Peace and Justice Education in the near future. I decided to seek the perspectives of students, alumni, and faculty, including those who have both majored in or taught PJS at Tufts, and those who have not. I gathered responses either through in-person interviews or an online google form, and asked for answers to any and all of the following questions related to the theme of Peace and Justice Education and its role in higher education:

  1. What does Peace and Justice Education mean to you? What experience, if any, have you had with Peace and Justice Education?
  2. Should Peace and Justice Education be studied by students in higher education/at Tufts? Why or why not in your view? Please explain.
  3. Given the current political climate, and related divisiveness in society and on campus, what do you think is the role of a Peace and Justice Studies major at Tufts?
  4. How do you think Peace and Justice Education is supported or not supported at Tufts? How should it be?

After collecting and organizing insights, a common understanding exists among members of the Tufts community, both past and present, that Peace and Justice Education is a thematic and academic discipline that warrants study in higher education. I believe that my blog shows evidence of the value and impact that a Peace and Justice Education has on individuals and a community, as well as the desire for continued investment in the teaching and learning of a Peace and Justice Education at Tufts. Peace and Justice Education must be taught in higher education, as it is not only a worthwhile field of study at an academic institution, but vital to preparing mindful and compassionate global citizens for our divisive world. More information about efforts to promote Peace and Justice Education, research, and action within universities, colleges and K-12 grade levels can be found at the Peace and Justice Studies Association.

Thank you to all of the students, alumni, and faculty who have supported me and participated in this project. If you would like to add your voice to the discussion, please feel free to answer any and all questions on the online google form , and send me a photo that I may post on the blog to Abigail.fisch@tufts.edu.

~Abigail Alpern Fisch




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