Peace and Justice Education at Tufts

Academic Information about PJS Major Requirements at Tufts University

  • Current major requirements for the Peace and Justice Studies major at Tufts. A total of 11 courses are required.
  • Education for Peace and Justice (ED164, Deborah Donahue-Keegan, Ed.M., Ed.D.) explores contemporary efforts to use education as a means to build a more just and peaceful world: How can a culture of peace and justice be created and maintained in K-12 and post-secondary educational settings?  How can education systems promote peace and justice within local communities and in the world?   

Peace and Justice Society 

  • 22007611_120468435267101_485486615307344897_nStudent group to advocate for Peace and Justice at Tufts University, to connect PJS majors with PJS faculty and alumni, and for anyone interested in attending events and discussions related to topics of peace and social justice.

Tufts Leonard Carmichael Society Peace Games 

  • Peace Games promotes sustainable peace in the Medford/Somerville communities through peace education and the development of social and emotional skills in public elementary school students as an after-school program. We use games and small-group discussions to foster the skills necessary for children to successfully navigate the world around them. Peace Games discusses topics such as conflict resolution, inner and outer peace, mindfulness, understanding differences, communication, resilience, and advocacy.
  • Tufts LCS Peace Games Instagram





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